EVL Slim Damasteel Drip Tip
  • EVL Slim Damasteel Drip Tip


    Produced for the worlds premier Dual Stainless Steel Damascus: Damasteel Bluetongue


    This fantastic metal is both a salute to the age old tradition of Damascus Steel fused with the most up to date production processes in Söderfors Sweden to produce a beautiful, bio compatible Dual Stainless Steel in the wondefully intricate pattern known as Bluetongue.


    The Damascus is then hand turned on a manual lathe in England to achieve the best pattern possible before being carefully finished. Every detail has been considered in the production of this tip from the deep etching on the main body of the tip to the lighter etching on the bottom of the tip to help protect the lucky atty you will fit this to. The top edge of the Tip has been carefully polished to make things smooth and comfortable to use. 


    I have spent a great deal of time trying my best to make this tip a real treasure and pleasure to use. 


    This tip is the same comfortable shape as the regular Slim tip. 



    18mm Overall height

    12mm Exposed height

    9mm Width

    4mm Internal Bore


    As these tips are high quality Stainless Steel they require very little maintaining and can be used cleaned as you would any other stainless steel tip.