Purple Colored Reaper

Purple Colored Reaper

1x Reaper device
1x Glass tank
1x Anodised titanium tank
1x Vase drip tip
1x Short drip tip
1x Steel stand
1x Spares pack

  • Anodised Products Information

    The anodizing of titanium disrupts the surface of the titanium and creates a color using no dyes or additives for a truly inert surface finish.

    Some colors can even appear pearlescent giving off magically different colors under a variety of lighting conditions.

    Please be aware the anodizing is a surface coating and whilst its seals the surface and makes it a little tougher its still only on the surface. 
    If your unlucky enough to scratch through the surface or wear through it you will see the titanium underneath. 
    I have controlled the anodization process to maximize the thickness of the colored layer to help it stay beautiful for as long as possible.
    I do not recommend using any polish or abrasive compounds to clean the surface. Only a soft cloth and a very occasional wipe are all that's need to keep these looking beautiful.
    Due to the nature of the process involved it is sometimes impossible to avoid the odd minor blemish or mark but each item i have colored has been personally inspected to ensure quality is maintained.